Gold plating

Gold plating is widely used for industrial applications, because of  the excellent electrical characteristics and high corrosion resistance of gold.

Galvanic gold plating

Electrolytic gold plating is a galvanic process with a outstanding protection against corrosion. It is a precise process, which can achieve a hardness of 130 – 150 HV. The default layer thickness is 2 microns. This treatment gives a glossy layer and is useful because of the low electric transitory resistance of the gold.

Chemical gold plating

This process improves the solder ability of the product. This is an exchange process in which the reaction continues until there are no more visible surfaces. This process is applicable to copper and nickel layers. In addition, it can be applied to non-conductive materials such as ceramics and glass.


MTRC has the facilities to clean and/or package products in our cleanroom (Grade 2,3 and 4 – surface cleanliness, ISO 7).

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Providing good quality, in all its aspects, is obvious to MTRC. Good product quality is ensured by a structured process control, but also by a thorough technical and visual inspection of the finished product.