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About MTRC

MTRC Special Plating bv is specialized in galvanic and chemical processes when it comes to improving product surfaces for the Global HighTech Industry. Through mastery of the different processes and structured process control, the process baths are kept within specifications to guarantee excellent product quality.

Our main processes are pickling & passivation, electrolytic polishing, electroless/galvanic nickel plating, gold plating, ultrasonic cleaning, degreasing and cleaning according to various specifications. Furthermore, the treated products can be cleaned and/or packaged in our cleanroom (Grade 2, 3 and 4 – surface cleanliness, ISO 7).

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We are active in a large number of sectors, including:

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Providing good quality, in all its aspects, is obvious to MTRC. Good product quality is ensured by a structured process control, but also by a thorough technical and visual inspection of the finished product.

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Aldor BV is specialized in anodizing and chromatizing of aluminum. The most important processes are plain anodizing (dimensionally stable, BS, 868, EN1090 Qualanod license), hard anodizing (Mil Spec), colorize (9 colors) and Opal anodizing.

MTRC Special Plating and Aldor BV are two separate companies. However, we work together in order to optimize a perfect service for our customers.

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