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For High Tech and medical applications the demands for clean, dust free surfaces is becoming increasingly important. In order to have an absolutely clean end product, contamination of the parts has to be prevented in every process step. If parts have to be transported it is important that they are packed under clean room conditions. MTRC has excellent facilities to do both the surface treatment, cleaning and packaging under clean conditions class 2 to 7.

Ultrasonic Cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning is a process that uses high frequency sound waves to create vacuum spheres at the metal surface that implode. The pulse that is generated by these micro implosions blow particles and pollution of the material. The cleaning is done in a mildly alkaline detergent solution followed by several rinsing steps. The final step is to rinse in filtered, de-ionized water.

If necessary, parts are cleaned in acid solutions to remove metallic oxides from the surface. In some cases oxidizing reagents are used to removed organic contaminants from the surface.

Cleaning - MTRC Method
In consultation with the customer, customer-specific cleaning methods developed and applied.
MTRC have developed a process for excellent, environmentally friendly cleaning of small parts.

Cleanroom Class 7 (10,000) / cleanroom
Cleaning, pickling, passivating, electrolytic polishing, nickel and gold plating can be performed under clean circumstances. After these surface treatments are transported directly into our clean room for assembly and/or packaging. Because every process step is performed under clean conditions an absolutely clean end product is guaranteed.
The cleaning and packaging can be performed according to the standards of several large OEM customers.