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Gold Plating

Gold plating
Gold alloys are widely used for industrial applications, because the element has an excellent corrosion resistance and desirable electrical properties.

Gold can be applied in an electrolytic plating process or by electroless plating.

Electrolytic Gold plating
With the galvanic (electrolytic) process 99,99 % pure gold can be deposited or somewhat harder alloys ( 130 to 150 HV) with cobalt can be plated.
The standard thickness is 2 microns. This treatment gives a shiny coating and is very useful for contact elements because of low electrical contact resistance of the gold.

Chemical Gold plating
This immersion process improves reliability and solderability of electrical contacts. This process is applicable to copper and nickel layers on non-conductive materials like ceramics and glass.

We can deliver your gold products according to customer / drawing specifications. This process is conducted under dust free circumstances in a facility that is connected directly to the clean room.