MTRC Special Plating bv

Vossenbeemd 47

5705 CL Helmond

The Netherlands

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Service & Qualities

Logistics and Service
MTRC takes care of your surface treatment. First of all we live up to the high quality standards and the standard processes for which quality and reliability are unquestionable. MTRC also provides additional services in the areas of logistics, consulting, research & development, assembly, packaging and quality.

Quick service
Besides our standard delivery time of 3 to 4 working days we have a 24 hours service, or even 4 hours service. Obviously, this quick-service can only be performed for relatively small orders and must be checked for our approval.

If your order has been processed, we will send you by e-mail a ready signal. You do not unnecessarily call or the work will be retrieved.
We provide standard "factory", but if required we also organize the transport.
Do you have special wishes? We think along with you.

Providing good quality, in all its aspects, is obvious to MTRC.
Good product quality is ensured by a structured process control, but also by a thorough technical and visual inspection of the finished product.
MTRC performs most processes according to ISO standards. Surface treatments according to specific standards such as AMS, ASTM, MIL-or client-specific standard are our daily business. We have extensive experience in the implementation of standards and have been certified by several companies.

Our extensive testing facilities allow us to check the desired product characteristics and compare them to the specified limits.

MTRC's testing facilities and quality reports:
• Daily bath analyses
• X-ray film thickness meeting.
• Input and output controls
• Miscellaneous measuring instruments including micrometers and gauges.
• Measurement reports
• Certificate of Compliance (COC)
• microscope camera