MTRC Special Plating bv

Vossenbeemd 47

5705 CL Helmond

The Netherlands

T: 0031 492 523 795

F: 0031 492 475 210


MTRC is specialized in surface treatment of metals for machine parts and construction parts in a variety of markets. MTRC is a dynamic company with extensive experience in the high-end market.

Our main processes are pickling and passivating, electropolishing, electroless nickel plating, gold plating, chemical blackening, ferro black, ultrasonic cleaning, degreasing and cleaning according to various specifications. Various operations can be carried out under clean-room conditions, Class 7 (10,000) carried out including assembling or packaging.

Beside these processes we have a number of client-specific processes. Preferably, we work closely with our customers. We are capable to support our clients in the designing process with knowhow and testing in order to minimize production costs and maximize the quality and reliability of their products.

Flexibility and short lead times are important when it comes to surface finishing. MTRC guarantee a fast delivery with excellent quality. We have a 24 Hour Service and a 4 Hour Service.
More details can be found at "Service and Quality".

We work for a wide range of markets such as; tool shops, metal construction, sheet metal companies, instrument makers, aerospace, automotive, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electronics, food, petrochemical and defense.